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Privacy at the click of a button


Switchable smart glass – Privacy on demand

Our Switchable smart glass also called the Privacy glass, Smart tint, Switch glass and Intelligent glass is an advanced type of glass manufactured with high transparent and durable PDLC film (Polymer dispersed liquid crystal) or switchable glass film.

PDLC smart film is a product that is capable of adjusting light transmissions between transparent and opaque using electric current. It is self-adhesive and can be installed directly on any existing glass of any size and shape.

It combines many functions, such as light adjustment, UV and infrared blocking, advertising and privacy.

Our switchable smart glass changes instantly from CLEAR (transparent) to FROSTED (opaque) by the click of a simple on/off switch. Our switchable privacy glass eliminates the need for blinds, shades or window treatments.

Advantages of using our switchable smart glass or switchable smart glass film

  • Changes from clear to opaque at the click of a switch, remote control or smartphone.

  • Easy maintenance and cleaning

  • Low energy consumption

  • Bacteria-free

  • Blocks 99% of damaging UV rays

  • Eco-friendly product

  • Aesthetically pleasing

  • Smart Glass enhances corporate image

  • Reduces uncomfortable “Goldfish bowl” feeling when living or working in high-density buildings such as apartment blocks or office complexes.

Available in White, Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, Grey and Red. 

Suitable for:


  • Applied to the glass enclosure of a conference room. When the glass is transparent, one can see in and out of the room, and when it is non-transparent it can be used as a projection screen.

  • An energy-saving function of the glass curtain wall. Smart films block up to 99% of UV rays. Blocks haze up to 5% when transparent and 92% when opaque.


Showrooms, as product display and commercial advertisement

  • Glass display window, protect the products when it is opaque and may be used for display projection to advertise products; when it is transparent, it may be used for store advertising.


Special ward/operation room of hospitals

  • For privacy in hospitals, e.g., windows of infants' room and intensive care units, replacing curtains.



  • The glass door of a restroom is transparent when not in use, and immediately turns to a cloudy state when the door is closed.

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