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How to create a basic office partition plan

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Employees need to have workspaces that efficiently support their performance. It could be confusing crafting a functional office partition plan. One design functional for one team might not be practical for another. For instance, creative minds can be most comfortable in an open office area, while the accountants might want more structured and secluded work areas. This is where you need to look at Fabmac office partitions. By partitioning the office space, you may create different work areas for individual teams and give them the kind of fitouts necessary for them to perform their duties.

Office partition

Here are a number of the different work areas you might need.

Reception Area: Visitors to your company don't need to be involved with the daily runabout which goes on inside the office. Having a reception area where they might be received is the right thing to do. The reception area will be the representation of your organisation and a possibility to show hospitality to customers away from the disruption that might characterise certain work areas.

General Work Area: Here's where many of the work goes on inside the office and a possible location for the commotion. The work area can be an open office, although it needs to be separated from the reception along with other functional areas, so there's a need for Fabmac office partitions. Different teams will operate inside the general working area, therefore and it'd be an excellent idea to have them separated within a budget. In case you're searching for something extremely reasonable cost-wise, there are little desktop privacy screens that can be attached to workstations.

Desktop Privacy Screen

These are frosted glass or plastic screens attached to a desk creating a minimal barrier between employees. And when noise is an issue, one should consider modular fabric panels. They can help absorb distracting sounds and can be configured in a myriad of different positions.

Modular Fabric Panel

You may create a sales or finance office using full partitions which can soak up sound and separate them from the open office so that they may have sensitive discussions.

Boardroom: Boardrooms may create a multi-function area in an office. They may be the area to hold interviews for new staff, discussions with clients and their reps as well as company meetings. You may also use the boardroom as a temporary office in case the other office areas are taken up for other purposes, or a service provider is installing new equipment and needs the space.

Executive Offices: There's no forgetting the bosses in the organisation. The functionality of those offices might be determined by what the individual occupying the office will be doing in there. They might be partitioned with better partition systems like acoustic walls which will keep discussions private and doors which will secure sensitive company material.

Choosing the right partitioning can be made easier if you seek out the help of professionals who know the proper partitions for different office areas.

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