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Places to Install Glass in Your Home

Glass lends a certain aesthetics to a space, regardless of what that space is used for. Generally, when we think of using glass fixtures in our homes, what easily comes to mind is our windows and doors. However, it can be used in other places with great results.

Check out some ideas on how to incorporate glass in your home:

Balcony: Most people don’t consider the balcony a valuable space in a home, so it is usually not properly catered to. Adding glass fixtures for the railings of your balcony can completely transform the space. You can even make your balcony space a completely glass-enclosed space with glass walls on all sides of the balcony. They are ideal for small home projects.

Green Houses: If you have a lot of yard space, you can consider installing a small greenhouse garden. You might already have a shed at the back of your house; transform the shed into a glass house, and you will be grateful for it. You will have a functional garden and a warm space even in cold weather. Greenhouses have an incredible way of capturing nature’s essence in a glass box. It’s an opportunity to connect with nature right in your backyard.

Bathroom Shower Enclosure: You can make your bathrooms look fancier by installing a glass enclosure. It is a free-standing structure that will contain your shower. Alternatively, if you have a bathtub, you could install a glass screen divider to demarcate it from the rest of the bathroom space. We recommend using frosted glass for the bathroom partitions and shower cubicles.

Landing and Staircase: One good way to use glass in your home is by replacing your railings with glass. It gives the stairs and landing area a transparent and lighter look. To make the landing area liveable, you could demarcate it with a glass screen. Now your stairs won’t just be another set of stairs for guests to climb but rather a work of art.

Home Office: Many people work from home more often, which has raised some issues for them. Consider updating your office with glass walls that allow you to keep an eye on your kids while giving you a private space to work. You can also install a smart switch glass screen if you don’t want your surroundings to be seen during those Zoom meetings. The smart switch glass allows you to add a privacy film at the flick of a button. It creates a working space that feels lighter and more welcoming than a regular home office. This is excellent if you don’t want the home office to feel as serious as your regular office space.

Entryways: If you are in the middle of a home renovation, you might want to consider replacing your entryways with a frameless glass screen. This installation will give your home that indoor-outdoor look that is all the rage now. They would allow in a lot of natural light, leading to long-term energy savings. Also, they look beautiful when the light comes in at sunset. Frosted or tinted glass can be used to maintain privacy.

Glass Partitions: In limited spaces, you can use glass partitions to maximise space. They occupy less space and allow light to get into every corner of the space. Natural light has the ability to transform living spaces and make them feel warmer and lively. In open-plan designs, you can use them to separate the kitchen from the rest of the living area. These partitions can be half or full height from top to down depending on the space. Glass partitions allow for an open plan while creating structure.

Tiny Homes: There is an ongoing design shift to smaller compact homes by those seeking to reduce their carbon and geographic footprint. If you’re within this category of consumers, using glass is essential. The biggest issue with tiny homes is that they can feel cramped and dark. Glass walls and fixings allow light to penetrate most corners of the house, allowing you to maximise the space. It also lends an airy quality to the home.

Using glass in your home is a complete game-changer. It will beautify, brighten and make it special. At Fabmac Glass we are professional glass installers. You can get started by requesting a free technician visit and evaluation.

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