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Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Many people are sceptical about installing glass walls in their homes and offices because they believe it is unsafe and can shatter at any slight contact. But this is not the case because most glass walls are made to ensure safety and comfort, and they are becoming quite popular.

Glass is made up of certain components such as silicon dioxide (sand), sodium-potassium carbonate, manganese oxide, and lead oxide, which are blended and mixed in intense heat. It undergoes a process that enables it to exhibit different strengths and capacities, in order to serve diverse purposes. For instance, an annealed glass (ordinary glass) is not as strong as tempered glass or laminated glass.

Tempered glass and laminated glass are quite sustainable and reliable – the reason they are now used not just for walls but also for floors and ceilings in offices, homes, and commercial places. People need to be educated on the benefits of these further processed glass walls; they are far more sophisticated and essential than most people presume. The conventional walls, which are made of blocks of cement, wood, or bricks, are gradually phasing out.

What are Tempered and laminated Glass Walls?

Tempered and laminated glass walls are not in any way as fragile as they look. They are manufactured through tough processes, which makes them harder, thicker, stronger, safer, and more durable than ordinary glass. Tempered and laminated glass walls are assumed to be unsafe, but they have been proven to be much safer than normal walls. They are hard to breach or penetrate.

Benefits of Glass Walls

· Healthy and productive environment:

Glass walls promote a healthy and productive environment, both in homes and workplaces. Glass partition walls allow people to carry out tasks/activities without causing inconveniences for one another. It also allows a reasonable penetration of sunlight, which is healthy for the body and brain and boosts energy and cognition due to the supply of vitamin D.

Also, one tends to be less stressed when exposed to a good amount of daylight during the day. Exposure to daylight boosts sleep patterns in people and helps to increase the quality of sleep a person gets, which is extremely healthy and improves daily productivity.

The outdoor or natural views that glass walls provide have also proven to boost employees' morale at workplaces, as the sight of nature gives a form of satisfaction and relaxation after a long focus on work.

· Energy Saving:

Glass walls promote the use of natural light, technically saving energy. There is less need for light bulbs/artificial lights, which consume more electricity.

· Expansion and Versatility:

Glasses are one of the most versatile building materials, as they can be made in any form. They also make the expansion of space possible and easy because glass partition walls can be moved around, unlike normal walls. They are also less costly to repurpose.

Glass walls are highly durable and reusable; they do not have to be changed frequently when a company or individual changes location. Furthermore, glass walls do not break easily; they are resistant to weather and ultra-radiation.

· Aesthetic and Modern:

Glass walls give a touch of modernity and sophistication to a space. They are aesthetically pleasing and make room for creative designs. They could be tinted, frosted, coloured or patterned in many ways. Since people spend more time at work daily, glass walls make the work environment enjoyable and comfortable. The beautification enhanced by glasses promotes mental satisfaction, making the brain cells more active, effective, and innovative.

· Security:

The manufacturing process of tempered-laminated glasses makes them harder than ordinary glass. Hence they are impenetrable to buglers and intruders; bulletproof glasses, for instance, ensure higher security. Fire-resistant glass prevents the spread of fire, heat, and smoke. In case of a fire outbreak, this kind of glass protects people and properties until they are evacuated. Glass also reduces the risk of electrical hazards, as they are less conductors of electricity.

· Effective space utility:

Glass partition walls help to effectively utilise space and create an airy atmosphere. Since productivity can only be optimised in a non-congested environment, it can therefore be inferred that installing glass walls is a prerequisite for a healthy and good working space, for maximum productivity. In addition, due to its glossy surface, glass is water and dustproof, which makes it easier, faster, and cheaper to maintain.

Privacy and noise reduction:

Individuals who desire privacy, especially in their offices, prefer glass walls, as they minimise the penetration of sound waves and keep private spaces without interruptions and noises. A loud environment can dim focus, innovation, and creativity in employees, thereby reducing productivity and efficiency in a workplace.

· Transparency and connection:

Most glass walls are transparent, which gives an unobstructed view of a working or home space and creates communication and connection among employees.

In conclusion, glass walls are safe to a very large extent because of their durability, value, quality, and strength, among other benefits. Installation of glass walls in offices and homes can drive higher productivity and profitability.

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