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Updated: Jun 11, 2022

A frameless glass door or partition is a custom-built tempered glass solution used to divide a room and provide transparency while having a minimalistic finish due to being devoid of a ‘frame’. The frameless tempered glass sheets are constructed using tempered or laminated glass, and they come in different shapes and sizes to suit customers’ requirements.

Our Fabmac frameless glass doors or partitions comprise a 10 to 12 mm thick tempered glass panel, alongside a simple but high-quality tiny anodised aluminium or stainless-steel rail that attaches the frameless glass to the wall frame. Each glass panel can be made to as much as 2000 mm in width and up to 3300 mm in height.

The versatility of frameless glass doors or partitions is undeniable. They can come in single-glazed or double-glazed sheets. Single-glazed glass doors and partitions allow more light to pass through and are less soundproof, while double-glazed let in less light and have higher soundproofing capabilities. Our frameless glass partitions have a sound transmission coefficient of 31 to 37 Db, depending on the kind of glass used.

You can get standard opening glass partitions or movable glass doors for your interior. The difference between them is that movable glass doors are designed to slide along a connected ceiling track rail system, so you do not have to bother about ugly floor tracks that can cause you to trip over. Movable glass doors are installed with top and bottom aluminium/stainless hardware clips to hold the tempered glass in place, and when they are extended, the panels are held down by floor pins.

There are a ton of benefits of frameless glass partitions. Just in case you needed us to point out a few reasons to get a frameless glass partition for your space, we’ve got you covered:

· They are versatile:

Frameless glass partitions are fully customisable. Apart from single-glazed and double-glazed glass partitions, there is also a large variety of surface finishing films that can be applied to frameless glass partitions. Some are colour tint films, customised frosting films, photochromic films, whiteboard writing films, printed graphics, smart glass films, etc. You can also select track colours to match your interior decor theme.

No matter the angle of your walls, curved, jagged, or plain old 90 degrees, frameless glass partitions can be designed to fit perfectly in that crevice in a way that framed glass partitions cannot.

Smart glass film after installation effect
Smart glass film after installation effect

· They are as practical as they are elegant:

If you are looking for a pleasant blend of a minimalistic aesthetic and satisfactory functionality, then frameless glass doors are the way to go. Without any jutting hardware or tracks, they are not obnoxious and will help you to accent the view. Frameless glass partitions retain the beauty of your space while still performing their ‘partitioning’ duties.

· Better acoustics:

Commercial buildings like office spaces that are open-planned in nature tend to have an abundance of ambient noise. Frameless glass doors reduce this background noise without tampering with the floor plan, design, lighting, or other workspace features.

· They are durable:

Contrary to popular opinions, frameless glass doors are unbelievably sturdy and strong, so they will not shatter easily. This is because these kinds of frameless glass are either made from laminated glass (which is two or more sheets of annealed glass with a layer of plastic or PVB placed between them) or tempered glass (which is a type of glass that is cooled rapidly after heat is applied and is four times stronger than annealed glass that is cooled slowly).

· They are easy to maintain:

The maintenance of frameless glass partitions is not so different from regular/framed glass. First, avoid scratching it with sharp objects—you do not want cracks or scratches to adorn your glass partitions, do you?

Also, ensure that you clean your glass partitions with clean water, mild detergent solution, or any advised glass-cleaning solution. Your glass door must not contact with caustic or abrasive substances that can cause permanent damage to your glass door. Lastly, don’t push or pull your partitions in the direction opposite the way they should go. There isn’t much to maintaining glass partitions, so as long as you stick to the instructions of your glass installers, you’ll be just fine.

· You have Fabmac glass installers:

Everybody needs an experienced, trustworthy tempered glass installation company with a team of professionals specialising in providing clients with top-notch glass installations. That’s us. Our team has successfully completed over 90,000 square feet of office buildings, and we have our specialities in office partitioning, switchable smart glass, and a few other architectural glass solutions.

Frameless glass partitions are the trendiest and most sought out of all the glass partition types available in the market. This is because they have this sleek and flawless finish that goes well with any space. In addition, the elegant modernity and sturdy functionality that frameless glass partitions give make them perfect for office spaces, residential areas, meeting areas, you name it.

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