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Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Frameless Glass partition

Glass doors or partitions are widely used in organisations that have chosen to upgrade their workspaces from the conventional walls to glass walls, to utilise their workspace for better productivity and satisfaction. These glass partitions are modern materials that create individual spaces in a room for comfortability and efficiency without affecting the floor space. Glass partitions curb noise and congestion and make workplaces look more sophisticated and aesthetic. They are easy to move to new positions to create more space and can also be reused.

Glasses used for Frameless Glass Doors and Partitions.

· Tempered/Toughened Glass:

This glass goes through a toughened heat process with chemical substances and high pressure, which makes it about five times stronger and more durable than the normal glass. It only breaks into bits and not sharp shards, which is why it is also called safety glass. Tempered glass can only be cut before it goes through the tempering process, as the glass becomes impossible to cut or modify after it has been tempered. It is popularly installed in office spaces, commercial buildings, pools, and homes.

· Fire-Resistant Glass:

Fire-resistant glass ensures safety and protection against fire incidents, smoke, or gas. It is used for evacuating people in cases of fire outbreaks; before firefighters arrive. Fire-rated frameless glass doors or partitions prevent or reduce the spread of fire in a place. It can withstand high pressured heat beyond what other glasses can take. Before implementation in a place or building, this glass is usually tested with fire to ensure it can do the following:

a) Handle radiation: A Fire-resistant frameless glass partition must be capable of reducing the flow of heat and blocking flames, smoke, and gas.

b) Block flames: A fire-resistant frameless glass partition must also be able to prevent the passage of flames from one side to the other. This makes it quite reliable and worth its name, features, and manufacturing processes.

c) Fire-resistant frameless: Glass Partition is essentially made for safety purposes; it is more durable, thick, and expensive than ordinary glass. It can resist high impact like acoustic glass, and it is made in various forms, such as toughened glass, ceramic glass, and wired glass. The major uniqueness fire-rated frameless glass partition has above other glass partitions is its ability to prevent fire penetration in a specific space. This glass is also mobile and aesthetic to allow for external and internal use.

· Switchable Smart Glass:

Switchable smart glass frameless door and partition is a unique glass that can switch from opaque to transparent. It is highly durable, dynamic, and majorly used to protect one’s privacy. This glass consists of liquid crystals sealed between two layers of glass or film. When an electric current is passed through the glass or film, it becomes transparent or switched on, but without the current, it stays in an opaque or private mode. Switchable smart glass is also popularly used in exhibition rooms, hotel rooms, board rooms, apartments, and office spaces.

Sample switchable smart glass partition
Switchable smart glass partition

· Laminated Glass:

This is a thick glass made by laminating layers of glass together, with an interlayer that holds the glass together. It is stronger and more durable, making it a safety glass that barely causes injury. When hit with a heavy force, it stays stiff instead of shattering, and this is because of the interlayer that firmly keeps the glass together, and the heating process the glasses undergo. This frameless glass can be used for walls and floors, as it can handle pressure and withstand great impact. It is mostly used for homes and commercial buildings to tighten security and avoid breaches. Laminated glass is now popularly used for aesthetic designs for brands. Online design tools have made it possible for this glass to be designed with visual imagery.

laminated glass
Laminated glass

· Decorative Glass/Tinted Glass:

This kind of glass partition is used for decorative purposes, and also to create privacy in spaces. Decorative glass is processed by mixing metal oxide with the glass, which alters its colour. This glass minimises heat, solar radiation, and ultraviolet rays. It is also a toughened glass that enhances security and privacy. It is equally durable and easy to maintain.

Colored tinted glasses
Colored tinted glasses

· Acoustic Glass:

An acoustic frameless glass partition is designed to reduce noise levels – the reason it is also called soundproof glass. It appears visibly like ordinary glass, but it is made through a different process and with different materials. This glass contains two or more acoustic glass layers laminated together, which makes it thicker than normal glass, and can prevent sound.

Fabmac glass installers are specialists in glass partitioning. We offer quality, durable, and reliable services in frameless glass partitioning, office partitioning, switchable smart glass, and collapsible or foldable glass walls.


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