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How to operate and maintain your movable walL

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Movable walls are crucial to the efficient use of spaces in commercial facilities such as schools, hotels, event places and offices. These foldable panels go by many names–operable walls, collapsible walls, folding partitions, sliding partitions, room dividers, folding walls, and sliding walls to name a few–but all serve the same purpose of flexibly separating a room.

Movable Partition

A large number of repairs of movable walls are as a result of incorrect operation by users. Movable walls are generally made to be highly durable. Therefore, the key to the longevity of a movable wall is the proper operation of its panels and adequate maintenance to reduce wear and tear.

The correct operation and maintenance of movable walls are outlined in this article for your guidance.

Correct operation of movable walls

  1. Ensure you retract the top and bottom seal of your movable panel before moving it. Failure to do this may damage the mechanical systems in the panel.

  2. Movable panels are usually not manufactured for outdoor usage unless specified. Therefore, it is a necessary practice to keep them away from water or moisture.

  3. Take good care of the panel finishes. Especially fabric and leather as they are difficult to replace when damaged.

  4. Ensure your movable partitions are operated only by trained personnel.

  5. Move each panel slowly along its track and never force a panel. Situations may occur whereby a panel may appear stuck. When this happens, push back the panel to the direction from which it came and try again.

  6. Turn the panels slowly when at the "T" and "L" corners. Should you get stuck at any "T" or "L" corner, push back to the direction from which it came and try again. Never force a panel.

Maintaining your movable walls

  1. Clean & lightly lubricate all running track with grease every six months. Just like motor vehicles, planned maintenance can extend the life of the movable wall preventing unexpected repairs and reducing the possibility of occupational health and safety hazard. It might be necessary to seek the help of a movable wall installer to implement a service plan or maintenance schedule for movable walls.

  2. Always check trolleys for any signs of abnormal wear or breakage. Replace as needed.

  3. Check panels: If panels are out of plumb, it indicates a loose trolley bolt, and it can be corrected by tightening the trolley/pulley nuts.

  4. Check and make sure all top & bottom seals are functioning properly. If thy are not working correctly, request the help of an installer immediately.

Maintenance plans can help keep movable partitions in optimal shape.

Our team at Fabmac can implement a service plan or maintenance schedule for your movable walls. With a service plan in place, our team will inspect the installation twice a year to perform preventative maintenance and fix problems before they even occur. Regardless of what your needs may be, our team will work with you to keep your movable partitions working and looking good as much as possible.

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