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We often like to feel comfortable and relaxed in our bathrooms. This is one of the reasons most people like their bathroom spacious and clean. To achieve this, you should consider using frameless shower doors for your bathroom.

Frameless glass has gained popularity among homeowners because of its numerous benefits. If you are looking to have a feel of a luxurious and modern bathroom, upgrade your bathroom doors with frameless glass doors.

Frameless doors are distinctively known for not having metal hardware and framing. Unlike the common framed glass shower doors that use rubber, metal, or other materials to secure the glass edges, frameless glass doors are made to fit into a bathroom interior décor. In addition, frameless doors are much thicker, which ensures their durability.

Here are other benefits of using frameless glass doors for your bathroom:

1. Frameless shower doors can be customised

One of the benefits of using frameless doors is that they can be customised to fit the design of your bathroom. A customised frameless door fits your home and satisfies your needs, unlike the framed glass produced in standard sizes.

The major reason for remodelling a bathroom is to have what you want. Frameless shower doors allow flexibility and ensure the risk of water leakage in the bathroom is avoided.

2. Substantial functionality

Frameless doors can be opened in and out, unlike their counterpart, framed doors which can only open outward. This adds more space to the bathroom and prevents common accidents that could happen with pushing the door outward while inside.

3. Easy flow of light into the bathroom

In traditional homes, bathrooms are usually designed to have a small window through which light enters. This often leaves the bathroom darker than most of the building, and searching for some toiletries can be difficult in the dark. Using frameless doors lights up the bathroom by allowing an easy flow of light from the environment into the bathroom. A frameless shower glass door allows natural and artificial light into the bathroom space to increase visibility.

The transparency of frameless shower doors permits the reflection of available light to flow with reduced obstructions easily. A combination of the frameless door with marble tile keeps the bathroom clean and illuminated.

4. Encourages cleanliness

Frameless doors are easy to clean and maintain. Frameless doors are made of an ultra-thin protective layer of transparent materials making the surface easy to clean and resistant to stains from soap scums and other hard mineral deposits. In addition, unlike framed doors which make it difficult to remove stains on the surface and encourage bacteria and mould in the bathroom, frameless shower doors are oil and water repellent.

Frameless doors are easily cleaned with a squeegee – swipe the glass down to reach all the inner parts of the shower. You do not need much elbow grease.

5. It gives provision for more space

Frameless doors can make the bathroom space feel larger. They are plain without frames and often do not require a curtain that can obstruct your line of sight in your bathroom. Frameless glass doors will create a clear vision of the shower space and a sense that the space is larger.

Frameless doors do not add to the bathroom space. However, the transparent glass panels create an airy feel, which creates a sense of a larger space. Therefore, installing frameless doors will surely benefit you if you have a small bathroom.

6. It is timeless

Frameless glass doors do not get outdated or require renovation. They are classy and timeless properties for interior décor.

Frameless glass doors are a simple design that is always in style. Homeowners who like keeping up-to-date home designs will worry less about the frameless door.

Unlike framed doors, Frameless ones always have a sleek, trendy, and appealing look. Moreover, as stated above, it repels hard stains and adds a luxurious look to the overall interior decoration of the home.

Frameless glass doors give your home a luxurious, sparkling, and spacious look. It is a product you should try if you like having beautiful things in your home.

At Fabmac Glass we are professional shower glass installers. You can get started by requesting a free technician visit and evaluation.

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