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Glass shower doors have become the most sought-after type of door for modern bathroom designs. Its ability to withstand the effect of water has made it the recommended door for shower areas in modern architecture. Glass doors also enhance beautiful shower designs and allow the property owner to crest his brand name or insignia on it during its design and production.

However, some factors can serve as drawbacks to one’s decision to install glass doors in the shower areas of his property. One of these drawbacks can be the difficulty of removing hard water stains from the glass. In this article, we will be addressing that concern and proffering a sustainable solution you can adopt.

Hard water stains can leave your glass shower door untidy and have the propensity to become permanent stains if allowed to accumulate over time. More so, the components in your soap can form a lime soap on the glass. Hard water stains are very common in homes or properties with well water or water with a high concentration of calcium and lime. To keep hard water stains on your shower glass in check, you must observe your glass shower door for hard water stains when doing your regular housekeeping chores.

When you notice that the stains are becoming permanently imprinted on your glass shower door, introduce some homemade and industrial aids in your routine cleaning to retain the original state of your glass shower door. Some of these aids or materials you can use to clean your glass shower doors are:

Distilled white vinegar: distilled white vinegar will help you erase the marks that hard water components have formed on your glass shower door due to its mild acidic nature. You can also use lime water to clean your glass shower door. Cleaning vinegar, however, is an alternative you could opt for.

Mix a cleaning solution: you can create a concoction of distilled white vinegar, distilled water, and lemon juice and put it in a spray bottle for your routine cleaning.

Spray on the solution: take a towel, place it on your glass shower panel, and spray the water and vinegar concoction. Use the towel to clean it in rows till the glass is completely wet. Leave the solution on the glass for at least 3o minutes so it can settle.

Scrub and wipe off mineral deposits: use a soft brush or microfiber material to wipe away the mineral components in a circular motion. Rinse the brush or material continuously and use a toothbrush to penetrate the corners of the metal frame around the glass. Endeavour to keep vinegar solution from getting into your eyes.

Rinse and dry: When you notice the hard water stain has been removed, rinse the glass with clean water from the top and allow it to flow down. You can use a squeegee to remove the water completely and then dry it off with a lintless cloth.

However, after applying vinegar, if the hard water stain on your glass shower door persists, you can add baking soda as an abrasive to it. Baking soda and vinegar are a good combination for removing water spots on glasses. Here are the steps you can use the mixture to remove hard water stains from your glass shower door.

Spray the glass with vinegar: place a towel at the base of the glass, pour some concentrated vinegar into a spray bottle, and spray the entire glass surface from top to bottom. Allow the vinegar to settle for at least 30 minutes.

Create a cleaning paste: use a small bowl and mix the baking soda with water to form a thick paste. Ensure that the paste is not watery.

Apply the paste: use a cloth or brush to apply the paste to the area with the hard water stain. Rub the paste in a circular motion, starting from top to bottom. Then, use the brush or cloth to scrub the affected area.

Spray vinegar again: once the paste is partially dried, apply the concentrated vinegar and observe the foam it produces. Note that the foam is a reaction of the vinegar and baking powder mixing together.

Rinse and dry: after the foaming ceases, use clean water to rinse the glass, and use microfiber material or a squeegee to dry it off.

Furthermore, there are basic tips that you can apply to avoid hard water stains on your glass shower door. Some of them are:

● Dry your glass shower door completely after every shower to prevent hard water from sticking and forming stains.

● Use water-repellent substances to keep water off your glass shower door.

● Use vinegar solution for the routine cleaning of your glass shower glass to eliminate traces of hard water stains.

At Fabmac Glass we are professional shower glass door installers. You can get started by requesting a free technician visit and evaluation.

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