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Elegance, finesse, and style are top decision-making factors in interior decoration. However, functionality is core for every design and material implemented in a space. Human taste is known to evolve, and it seems People now value minimalist designs for their bathrooms. One such minimalist design is the frameless shower door.

What are Frameless Shower Doors?

Frameless shower doors are panels of exquisite sturdy tempered glass with high functionality and without the requirement of a border or frame structure. This implies that a bathroom door or design is made entirely of glass without metal installations.

Pros of Frameless Shower Doors

There are multiple advantages to using this piece. Some include;

● VARIETY: A wide variety of design options and models are available for users to choose from. Irrespective of your taste, there are frameless shower door designs that match your style and desires.

● MOBILITY: Frameless shower doors are built with user experience as they provide a wide range of mobility. They can be pushed or pulled in any direction, so kids becoming stuck in the bath wouldn’t be a concern.

● MAINTENANCE: Frameless glass doors are easy to maintain; they are easy to manage.

● SPACE: Glass utilises space effectively. They provide enough space for users, so more than one person can use the bathroom comfortably without feeling cramped.

● CUSTOMISABLE: Frameless glass doors can be customised to suit the user’s specifications. This implies that users can choose the size of their bathroom based on the glass they prefer.

● DURABLE: Framed glasses are more durable than other alternatives. For instance, moulds and corrosion that spoil other surfaces due to the effect of water do not affect framed glasses.

Do Frameless shower Doors leak?

Before discussing the possible cons of the exquisite glass, addressing consumer concerns regarding the possibility of a frameless shower door leaking is needed.

It’s important to note that frameless shower doors are not aquariums with shut-tight glass space; the frameless shower glass has small gaps in the hinges and door side. However, unless pressure is targeted toward the air gaps, a frameless shower door will never leak. Instances of lousy bathroom designs and floor tile could cause water to seep out. That’s why it’s advisable to engage the services of a professional.

Cons of Frameless Shower Doors

So far, it seems the frameless shower door is ultimately an undefeatable hero. However, it comes with its downsides, which makes a few people hesitant about installing it in their bathrooms;

● COST: Pricing a frameless shower glass is one of the most prevalent turnoffs for many potential users. The cost varies indeed as the elegance grows. However, even the simplest of designs will take a chunk out of a buyer’s account.

● INSTABILITY: The instability of the glass frameless doors is another bone of contention. Although the design is well built with a thicker tempered glass structure, the lack of frame removes the sturdiness of frameless glass since frameless doors rely only on hinges.

● INSTALLATION: The installation process can be very tedious. Due to the efforts that go into the drilling process, hinges fitting, installation and maintenance, glass door installation is restricted to only specialists.

Although the possibility is quite low, the tempered frameless shower glass can break, especially due to glass defects, wrong installation, change in temperature, or humidity.

The glass is built to protect its users. However, there is a low possibility of getting injured by it when mishandled. Therefore to avoid this potential incident, proper attention should be placed on checking the hardware and hinges. There should also be periodic checks and maintenance to confirm if anything is out of place.

Do’s of Frameless Shower Glasses

There are no express rules regarding frameless shower doors in the glass-making industry. Nonetheless, there are a few things worthy of attention, such as:

● Ensure installations and maintenance are strictly carried out by professionals. This is why Fabmac glass consists of highly experienced technicians who deliver valuable glass installation services.

● Never slam the door of the bathroom, as this could weaken the hinges or cause shattering over time.

● Avoid using the door as support to enter or leave the bath.

The interior design space is growing rapidly; the frameless shower glass is a direct reflection of this sample truth. This glass indeed comes with Pros and Cons and all with easily fixable solutions for users.

The elegance that comes with it and the overall ambience it provides for the bathroom certainly makes it worth the cost. Do you need to upgrade your home bathroom interior, this is certainly a functional and elegant choice? And Fabmac glass is your surest quality provider.

At Fabmac Glass we are professional shower glass installers. You can get started by requesting a free technician visit and evaluation.

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